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At Hansen Realty, we make life easier for the landlords who list their Chicago residential rentals with us. How do we do that? By taking care of all the dirty work, but letting the landlord call the shots.

You Call the Shots, We Do All the Work

Free Apartment Assessment
We make sure you get the maximum amount of profit for each listing by conducting free apartment assessment. After agreeing to work with us, one of our agents will come to your property and walk through the unit free of charge. This is our time to take pictures and learn
everything there is to know about the unit.

When you choose to work with Hansen Realty, our agents market your Chicago residential rentals for you. We take our own pictures and create our own listings for each property we take on.

Don’t worry about setting up showings. With your consent and permission from your current tenants, every showing is scheduled by the Hansen Realty agent working on your Chicago rentals.

Criminal and Credit Checks
Our agents take care of the initial rental application and set up the criminal and credit checks for you.

Let our Experienced Agents Work for You

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