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How to Be a Good Roommate: It’s Really Very Simple

You’d think these tips would be obvious, right? Oh, you’d be surprised. Be Considerate – This encompasses a large group of subcategories, which includes three big ones: noise, mess and company. Respect is the key when it comes to sharing a living space, as is common sense. If you know your roommate has an early […]

How to Make Sure You Find the Perfect Apartment

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect Chicago apartment, but may end up settling for less for various reasons: time crunch, budget, frustration, etc. Here’s a a few details to consider that will help you score that great apartment. ### Don’t Wait too Long: The longer you have to search, the pickier you can be! Narrow down […]


Picking a leasing agent is a lot like picking a lover.

Picking a leasing agent is a lot like picking a lover. You want someone who is kind and honest, someone who has your best interests in mind and a person who you wouldn’t mind meeting your parents before you make an important life decision. Just like a new boyfriend or girlfriend,  you might at first look […]

About Us

Check out our latest news here. About Hansen Realty Hansen Realty was founded in 1970. Since its inception, Hansen Realty has diversified into all aspects of commercial and residential real estate including brokerage, tenant representation and property management. Their client list ranges from small businesses to fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. […]