How to Be a Good Roommate: It’s Really Very Simple

You’d think these tips would be obvious, right?

Oh, you’d be surprised.

Don't Be a Bad Roommate!

^ Worst Roommate Ever ^

Be Considerate – This encompasses a large group of subcategories, which includes three big ones: noise, mess and company. Respect is the key when it comes to sharing a living space, as is common sense. If you know your roommate has an early morning, it’s probably best to keep the night as quiet as possible.  The more considerate and respectable you are to your roommate, the more pleasant your living space will be.

Go 50/50 – Split, or at least offer to split, everything: groceries, utilities, furniture, decorating supplies, chores, etc. When all the pressure is put on one roommate, that person becomes more like a parent. Which makes the other roommate a child, and no one wants to be considered a child over the age of eighteen.

Ask and You Shall Receive…or Not – You can simplify a lot of future problems by just asking. “Can I eat your last piece of cake?” “Can I drink your last Diet Coke?” “Can I have 20 friends over and listen to heavy metal music until 5 A.M.?” You’ll know right away if what you’re doing will upset your roommate. And if you choose to do it anyways, that’s just mean.

Don’t Be a Slob (or a Leach) – Living in a space filled with garbage, dirty clothes and dirty dishes has never been fun for anyone. Watch an episode of Hoarders and you’ll see that this is true. So, clean up after yourself. By simply washing those dishes you used immediately after you use them, you just made your life a lot simpler. The leach part is a whole different category. Don’t want to pitch in for food or booze? Well, looks like you won’t be eating or drinking!

Finally, choose wisely – If you know in your heart of hearts that you and your friend would not do well sharing a living space, don’t do it. And if you’re going for that whole Craigslist’s deal, seriously check any potential candidate out. Call their landlords, heck, even ask for past roommate references.  Where you live and who you live with is important to your overall happiness and well being.

Roommate Fun!

The right roomie makes life better


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