Landlords: Why Should You Use a Hansen Realty Leasing Agent?

Leasing Agent

There’s no rule that says landlords must use leasing agents for their rental units, but those who do sure have an advantage. If you’re a landlord looking to get a step up on your competition, snag a Hansen Realty leasing agent today!

Time: As a landlord, you’re a busy person, and may not be able to dedicate the right amount of time to the leasing process. Our leasing agents take care of the time consuming processes of locating, screening and signing tenants. For properties with numerous rental units, this is especially helpful.

Knowledge:  Our leasing agents have knowledge specific to their profession and their profession only. They can confidentially engage in negotiations with prospective tenants, and because you, the landlord, hire the leasing agent, he or she will always have your best interest in mind. This is also true when structuring lease agreements. For pricing, agents can often let you know right away if you should ask less or more for your unit.

Marketing: Hansen Realty leasing agents market their own listings extensively. When you use a Hansen agent to rent your property, there’s no doubt your listing will be seen and rented quickly. You won’t even have to lift a finger.


Need a leasing agent for your September 1st rental units? Contact Hansen Realty today at 773-477-4455.


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