Hansen Rentals — The Best Choice for Chicago Landlords

At Hansen Realty Residential Rentals, we make life easier for the landlords who list their Chicago residential rentals with us. How do we do that? By taking care of all the dirty work, but letting the landlord call the shots.

We make sure you get the maximum amount of profit for each listing by conducting free apartment assessment.

Our listing agreements are non-exclusive, so any landlord working with Hansen Residential Rentals can list with more than one agent and pay only the agent who seals the deal.

Any Chicago landlord who works with Hansen Residential Rentals doesn’t have to worry about criminal and credit checks – we take care of those so you don’t have to.

And like we said before, we save you time by doing everything for you, but will never do anything you don’t give the okay on. You’re the boss, you call the shots! We’re just here to make it easier for you.

If you’re an Chicago landlord looking for a reliable, experienced and professional residential rental company to work with, Hansen Rentals is the place for you. Contact us at 773-477-4455 or online.


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