Tips from Hansen Rentals: How to Not Hate Moving Day

The pressures of finding a new Chicago apartment are made easier by working with one of the qualified Chicago leasing agents at Hansen Rentals. But next comes a whole different challenge: the actual physical process of moving.

As your Chicago rental agency, Hansen Rentals is here to help you through the entire  process. So, here’s our take on how to make moving easier.

 1. Out with the old, in with the new: Haven’t worn something in over a year? Throw it out. Holding onto a box full of knick-knacks that have no rightful place in your living space? Toss it. If you need some inspiration to help cleanse your apartment before moving, watching an episode of Hoarders usually helps.

2. After tossing, clean. You’ll be thankful when, after a long day of unpacking, you won’t have to spend more time cleaning.

3. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Create a packing schedule for yourself, including which rooms you’ll finish on which days. Make sure not to over extend yourself by limiting your schedule to 1-2 rooms per day.

3. One thing you can hoard: supplies. Boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers for labeling, anything that will help keep your belongings safe and organized. A good place to stock up on moving goods is The Container Store (908 W. North Avenue) and a U-Haul Store (1200 W. Fullerton Ave). Remember to wrap fragile items!

4. Don’t stress yourself out. It’s great to be organized and on a schedule, but if you end up with a box containing a spatula, running shoes, and DVDs, don’t lose sleep over it. When you start to feel overwhelmed, order a pizza and take a load off.

5. Sometimes, the moving guys know best. Sometimes it’s best to cough up extra money and let the experts take care of the big stuff (couch, table, bed). Check out this Chicago movers database and pick whichever one is right for you.

 Moving Checklist

 Make sure not to forget these important details while moving.

Turn off your utilities: Let your electric, gas, water and cable companies know you will be moving. You can then schedule a time for them to turn off or cancel services.

Clean your apartment: In order to get your security deposit back, or to avoid charges from your landlord, make sure everything is spotless.

Know who you’re going to use:


 Moving day can make even the most levelheaded individual want to sell all their belongings and start anew. But it doesn’t have to be such a daunting process. When you use Chicago rental company Hansen Rentals, we do our best to make the whole apartment search and moving process easy for you.

Need a Chicago apartment to move into? Call us today at 773-477-4455.


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